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I had always wondered where my country was. I'm a foreigner wherever I go, and it's the same in Japan and in Russia. What is the border of a country? What do the roots of a person mean? Once, when I learned about the system of memory, found out that memory is a very fuzzy and interesting thing. Maybe my memory remembers something completely different from what I originally experienced. The vagueness of the memory overlapped with the identity that formed me. And so, I traced my own memories as if I trace my own contours in my work.


Human thoughts and personality are strongly influenced by the environment around us. Personalities are formed by recording the experiences, and only the necessary information is left behind when it is recorded. The unnecessary information is cut off when memory is stored. So, the question arises: if the stored memory forms a personality, is it possible to create another personality collecting information that has been forgotten? This is the question of my research.


Last year, I went to Russia to do research on my background. I have been collecting information about my upbringing, human memories and historical records. I interviewed family members and acquaintances, asked them about their memories of childhood and the house they lived in at the time. I got to know at their background, learned their personalities from they said and found for the memories they had forgotten.


I made a method using my own memories, then collected the memories of others. By collecting and linking the memories of individuals, it creates a multifaceted perspective, creates sociality, and we can see the world as it is today from that.










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