Alina Zhdanova​ - Statement


Born in Moscow, Russia, raised in Japan. Video artist, visual artist, graphic designer. Interested in the theme of memory and my work organized by elements of my experience and memorization. Making a mixed-media animation such using various materials and techniques, making an abstract painting.

My study theme is a visualizing of oblivion. In the process of oblivion, memory is formed by an adoption or rejection of brain storage. Oblivion is breaking of memory and it builds the process of identity. The unnecessary information is cut off when memory is stored. So the question arises: if the stored memory forms an identity, is it possible to make another identity king of stacked information that has been forgotten? I’d like to consider and express it from my artist position.

Member of The Light Unit for the Liazan between Science and Art


■Work Experience
Monochrome Design Director, freelance as a Video Artist, Visual Artist and graphic Designer 2015

2019  CELEBRATION -Japanese Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition- film showing (Kyoto Art Ceneter, Kyoto Japan)

          have a nice day! sex worker(Creative Center Osaka, Osaka Japan)

2016-2017  CAF AWARD Selected Exhibition (Gallery 9.5、Kyoto Japan)

2016  SilenceAwarenessExistence Artist in Residence (ARTELES, Finland)
          ULTRA×ANTEROOM Exhibition (Gallery 9.5, Kyoto Japan)
          Nagoya Film Meeting 2016 (Aichi Arts Center, Aichi Japan)

          Busan International Exhibition of Film Animation Creation (Busan, Korea)

2015  CAF 2015 ART AWARD Exhibition(3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo Japan)


2019-   Ph.D. Student of Media Art, Kyoto City University of Arts

Study: The Visualizing of Oblivion in video expression

2011-2012   Moscow State University
2010-2015   B.A. - Kyoto University of Art and Design

Information Design Department, Image Media Course

2016  Residence programme, Silence Awareness Existence, ARTELES, Finland

2015  Selected Prize, ULTRA AWARD 2015
2015  Grand Prize, The 2nd CAF AWARD
2015  Incentive award, Graduate Exhibition of Kyoto University of Art and Design

Collection:ARGOS Center for Art and Media, Belgium


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