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Alina Zhdanova​ - Statement


Born in Russia, raised in Japan. Video artist and independent curator. Research of the Oblivion in Personality Development in graduate school. Using the own memories and roots as a motif, create works that seem to dialogue with the viewer's memories. Exploring how I can express myself on the theme of oblivion.


I had always wondered where my country was. I'm a foreigner wherever I go, and it's the same in Japan and in Russia. What is the border of a country? What do the roots of a person mean? Once, when I learned about the system of memory, found out that memory is a very fuzzy and interesting thing. Maybe my memory remembers something completely different from what I originally experienced. The vagueness of the memory overlapped with the identity that formed me. And so, I traced my own memories as if I trace my own contours in my work.


Human thoughts and personality are strongly influenced by the environment around us. Personalities are formed by recording the experiences, and only the necessary information is left behind when it is recorded. The unnecessary information is cut off when memory is stored. So, the question arises: if the stored memory forms a personality, is it possible to create another personality collecting information that has been forgotten? This is the question of my research.








Work Experience
Monochrome Design Director, freelance as a Video Artist, a Graphic Designer since 2015

2022  Solo Exhibition “Another”, Artspace Kan, Kyoto

2021  Workshop “Video creation with sounds -Memory and Fictive-” Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto

          Study Research in Moscow, Russia

          Curation “Symptoms -Four thoughts and physicality-”, Artspace Kan, Kyoto

          Screening “Alina Zhdanova Animation Screening”, UrBANGUILD, Kyoto

     "INTERM SHOW 2021" Kyoto City University of Arts, Kyoto

          "Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2021 –Selected Up-and-coming Artists’ Exhibition−", The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto

2019  Solo Exhibition “Forgotten points and memory lines”, Art Hostel kumagusuku, Kyoto

          Film showing event "CELEBRATION -Japanese Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition-", Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto

          "have a nice day! sex worker", Creative Center Osaka, Osaka

2016-2017  "CAF AWARD Selected Exhibition", Gallery 9.5、Kyoto

2016  Artist in Residence"SilenceAwarenessExistence", ARTELES, Finland
          "ULTRA×ANTEROOM Exhibition", Gallery 9.5, Kyoto
          "Nagoya Film Meeting 2016", Aichi Arts Center, Aichi

          "Busan International Exhibition of Film Animation Creation", Busan, Korea

2015  "The CAF 2015 ART AWARD Exhibition", 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo


2019-Present  Ph.D. Student of Media Art, Kyoto City University of Arts

2021  Short language study at Humbolt-Universität zu Berlin

2015  B.A. Information Design Department, Kyoto University of Art and Design

2011  Short language study at Lomonosov Moscow State University

          Information Design Department, Image Media Course


2021  Grand Prix and Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa International Exchange Prix,

          Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2021 –Selected Up-and-coming Artists’ Exhibition”, The Museum of Kyoto

2015  Selected Prize, ULTRA AWARD 2015, Gallery Aube, Kyoto
          Grand Prize, The 2nd CAF AWARD, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
          Incentive award, Graduate Exhibition of Kyoto University of Art and Design, Kyoto


ARGOS Center for Art and Media, Belgium


モノクロデザイン ディレクター。映像作家、グラフィックデザイナー。

2022 個展「Another」アートスペース感、京都

2021 ワークショップ「音でつくる映像-記憶とみえかた-」京都アートセンター、京都


            キュレーション「Symptoms −4つの思考と身体性−」 アートスペース感、京都

            上映会「Alina Zhdanova Animation Screening」UrBANGUILD、京都

   「INTERM SHOW 2021」京都市立芸術大学、京都

           「Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2021 –京都新鋭選抜展−」京都文化博物館、京都

2019 個展「忘れた点と記憶の線」Kyoto Art Hostel kumagusuku、京都


    上映出展「have a nice day! sex worker」CCO、大阪

2016-2017 「CAF AWARD選抜展」 Gallery 9.5、京都

2016 アーティスト・イン・レジデンス「SilenceAwarenessExistence」 ARTELES、フィンランド


         「Busan International Exhibition of Film Animation Creation」 釜山、韓国

         「ULTRA×ANTEROOM Exhibition」ギャラリー9.5、京都



現在 京都市立芸術大学博士後期課程 美術研究科構想設計領域

2021 フンボルト大学ベルリンに短期語学留学

2015 学士  京都造形芸術大学 情報デザイン学科

2011 モスクワ大学に短期語学留学


2021 最優秀賞、ゲーテ・インスティチュート・ヴィラ鴨川国際交流賞「Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2021 –京都新鋭選抜展−」


2015 奨励賞「ULTRA AWARD 2015」ギャラリー・オーブ、京都

         最優秀賞「第2回CAF賞」 3331アーツ千代田、東京



ARGOS Center for Art and Media, Belgium


Member of The Light Unit for the Liazan between Science and Art KYOTO

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