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Symptoms -Four thoughts and physicality-

Curation, Artspace kan, 2021

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Now that going out and activities are restricted and we tend to stay indoors more frequently, I feel that people's viewpoints are also shifting from far to close. I will present about 4 artists who express their thoughts about everyday life and physicality in the art gallery, while also presenting

Symptoms ―Four thoughts and physicality―

2021/3/16 (Tsu)― 3/28 (Sun)

 Day close 3/22 (Mon)

Place:Artspace Kan

〒603-8203 Higashitakanawacho69, Kitaku, Kyoto city


Rui Mizuki

Sunao Horikawa

Yuri Kunimochi

Kenryou Gu

Viewing a work with your own eyes is different in nature from viewing it online. By seeing it with your own eyes, you will be able to feel the energy of the work itself, but I believe that it is also possible to have new encounters and findings online, by digging deeper into the process of making the work, the humanity of the artist, as well as the concept of the work.

This project started because our activities have become restricted. I began to think that those of us involved in art should not be content with the current situation, and that there would be something that could be gained from these current restrictions, so I first planned an online study session, and after that project, this exhibition was born. I decided to create venues at two locations - online and local, and to develop them in a form specialized for each.

Gu Kenryou creates a unique space in pixel units by superimposing multiple perspectives on a single photo. Sunao Horikawa creates works with a fine touch like delicate drawings through communication with others. Rui Mizuki utilizes a cyanotype process to project a very deep surface with the concept of fossils. Yuri Kunimochi continues to take on new challenges steadily and expresses things that she catches with her own eyes. The works of these 4 are a result of putting their thoughts into practice and give off a dynamic impression.

The local exhibition will be held at "Artspace-kan" in Kyoto. This gallery, which has a white space and a Japanese-style room, has a very dominant spatiality. And this time, we invited 4 artists who create works that are not overpowered by this venue.

On the web, Alina Zhdanova, a video artist and curator of the exhibition, will interview the artists and post concept movies based on what is expressed by each work, in addition to introducing the artists and works, and archiving exhibitions. The effects of our restricted activities are immeasurable, but this can be a major turning point for all artists, planners, and humankind. As an artist myself, I believe that each artist can support each other and develop.


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